tom busby

Tom Busby, Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Tom Busby’s trading career dates back to the late 1970’s. Quoted and published in Futures magazine and Active Trader Magazine, he actively trades and invests in futures, stocks, options and currencies. Guest appearances include CNN, First Business News, and Steve Crowley’s American Scene Radio. Recognized as one of the first educators to trade live in front of an audience, Tom authored Winning the Day Trading Game, The Markets Never Sleep, and Trade to Win. Tom founded DTI in 1996 and with his more than 40+ years of trading experience has helped thousands of students become better traders.

Steelwood Capital and the DTI Method

It is essential to analyze the 24-hour market. The DTI Method divides the market into 4 major time segments: Asia, Europe, U.S. Morning and U.S. Afternoon.